OSLC is governed under its Rules of Procedure by an elected Steering Committee.

Current OSLC Steering Committee


Andreas Keis (Airbus)

Andreas Keis  is in charge of Systems Engineering Processes and Platforms at Airbus and responsible of shaping Airbus’ future collaborative systems/software engineering environment and engineering lifecycle management processes. Previously,  Andreas was in charge of Software Engineering research at Airbus, working on next generation avionics platform.  Andreas is deeply involved in the European initiatives and research activities regarding open standards for the development of safety critical systems. Andreas will serve until September 2017.


Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics)

Bill Chown is product manager for the system-level engineering division at Mentor Graphics, responsible for OSLC-based integrated tool solutions for electronic system design. He has worked as an electronic designer, systems engineer and group leader in both systems and semiconductor companies before joining the EDA vendor community. He is active in several standards bodies, a board member for the Object Management Group, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and Secretary of the Cascade Chapter of INCOSE. Bill will serve until September 2018.


Bola Rotibi (Creative Intellect Consulting)

Bola will serve until September 2017.



Jim Amsden (IBM)

Jim Amsden is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM Watson IoT. He has worked on a broad range of solutions incorporating IBM products for strategic planning; solution analysis, design and construction; continuous delivery; and quality management - tying these together into a comprehensive offerings, accessible through the Cloud and applicable to a wide range of industries. He is currently the technical lead for Open-Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) development, focused on enabling and supporting lifecycle tool integration. Jim will serve until September 2018.


Mark D. Schulte (Boeing)

Mark Schulte is a Software Engineer and an Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company, involved in supporting software design tools and related processes/workflows with over 30 years of software experience.  Mark is also active as the Boeing focal for the Object Management Group.  Mark has been engaged in providing tool support and training for object-oriented modeling tools and developing more capable integrated development environments for systems and software engineering.   Mark has been a member of the OSLC Steering Committee at OASIS since August, 2013 with an interest toward helping to foster industry support and engagement regarding interoperability standards. Mark will serve until September 2017.

Martin Sarabura (PTC)

Martin Sarabura is a Technical Fellow at PTC where he is chief architect for the OSLC infrastructure project. Prior to that, he was chief architect on a series of integration projects and on the ALM product. With over 25 years in software development experience, he works closely with the Office of the CTO and product management as technical lead on new product development. Martin is currently co-chair of the OSLC Core TC. His priorities for the the steering committee will be to encourage greater participation in the technical committees and to encourage adoption of OSLC among both tool vendors and manufacturers. Martin will serve until September 2017.


Mats Berglund (Ericsson)

Mats will serve until September 2018.


Rainer Ersch (Siemens) -- Chair of the OSLC Steering Committee

Rainer Ersch is a Senior Research Scientist for Siemens, where he has worked for over 33 years. He has worked as a director of SW Development Tools Enterpise Communications as well as serving as a consultant and coach for System and Software Development Environments. He has been active with the OSLC community as a member of the Steering Committee for over two years and as the workgroup lead of the ALM-PLM Interoperability Workgroup. Rainer will serve until September 2017.


Wesley Coelho (Tasktop Technologies)

Wesley Coelho is the Senior Director of Business Development at Tasktop Technologies. At Tasktop, Wesley has taken a leading role in creating an extensive network of ALM integration partners including ten OEM distribution partnerships with companies such as IBM, HP, and CA Technologies. In this role, Wesley is deeply involved in addressing the challenges of delivering interoperability across the diverse technologies of more than 20 organizations. Prior to Tasktop, Wesley led a software development team pioneering a new generation of e-commerce technology at Elastic Path Software. Wesley holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Victoria and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Wesley will serve until September 2017.


About the Steering Committee


Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Evangelize OSLC and the work of the OSLC member section to the international community.
  2. Coordinate and expand the agenda of the OSLC member sections and its affiliated technical committees.
  3. Provide value to all member section participants.
  4. Define the OSLC roadmap and if necessary, partnerships with third party organisations to ensure sustainability of OSLC.
  5. Act as the ultimate decision maker in all OSLC related issues (e.g. organizational, technical, cost, management, etc.).
  6. Articulate OSLC vision and goals.



OSLC Steering Committee elections are held annually. All OSLC participants are eligible to serve on the Steering Committee. Candidates must be nominated by an OSLC Supporter.